The President of the United States of America

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President,

Greeks, as well as other Historic Nations of the region, have against us a totalitarianism. A Sultanic totalitarian Regime, whether militaristic or Islamistic in form - a particularly barbarian Turkish-Islam as history proves up to nowadays - or the culpable entanglement of the two forms, their synthesis.

However, it is not just that; it is something deeper. Against us we have an ideology of death. That of Kemaloislamism. We will confront it as we did with other ideologies of death: Nazism and Fascism. The first in Europe decades ago.

We have a regime of perpetual war; Internal and External. A regime which can exist, be produced and reproduced only through bloodshed and war.

All the human community, particularly the more sensitive parts of it, is conscious of these facts today.

Such a conscience constitutes a liberating starting point for the oppressed, threatened, genocided peoples, men, women and children. It is women and children who are the primary victims of this pathology.

The Historical Asia Minor cannot continue being recycled between the Scylla of Kemalism to the Charybdis of the manipulated Turkish-Islam.

Asia Minor is in need of and seeks for Democracy anew. A Polycentric Democratic Institutional Architecture. New, sound and authentic foundations of durable peace, stability and prosperity.

«Neither Scylla, nor Charybdis - Polycentric Anatolia», was the title of the speech I gave in Philadelphia during the inauguration of the Memorial of the Pontian Genocide which is included in the volume «The Pontian Question in the United Nations», for the consignment of which I will personally take care of.

Sound ideas, new modern analytical Scientific Toolsets should propel nowadays a novel view of the Civilized Democratic Ethical Democracies for the region.

The old and rusty ones caused and still evoke a continuous flow of human blood. In Cyprus, in Constantinople in the recent past; in Kurdia today. In Ionia, Pontos, Trapezounta a century ago. In Armenia and Assyria. In Trapezounta they assassinate again nowadays; they assassinate once again in Constantinople the Great Historical Temple of Christianity.

A flow that paints in red with human blood the Historic Lands, in land and in sea.

This flow must stop. To heal the wound, the internal Turkish pathology. The ever-widening metastasis geographically of the Turkish Problem, of the Turkish disease.

All the cultivated humans of the Cosmos know that it is an insult of History, of the World Community and Human Culture, of its very Foundations.

Humanism must return to Asia Minor.

From Ionia to Ararat and the Greek-speaking Rivers, of Euphrates and Tigris. Cicero used to call it the motherland, the Zone of Humanitas.

Humanitarian American Diplomats have written in the past about these hitherto open veins of bloodstream. I suggested in Philadelphia that we erect monuments in their honor.

HUMANISM OR BARBARITY is the dilemma faced by this historical prison-covered region. Blood and prisons

is the image of it, an identity imposed violently against its history and its nature.

From Adrianoupolis, the Propontis of the Prisons, the Sea of Prisons, and Cyprus all the way up to Ancient Amida, Amed of Kurdia. The primary right which Historical Nations and Peoples claim from the Civilized Global Community of Law and its Institutions is the Right to Life. The Right to also have their own bell of Independence, such as that of Philadelphia succeeds.

Because human life did not have and does not have any value in Constantinople, Smyrna, Ankara, Trapezounta, Van, Amed, Antioch, Urfa. This Historical Region and its people is in need of a new human sight.

Barbarity has lasted for too long. The tolerance of barbarity. This is where modern Democracies and their Leaderships are judged by and reflected upon.

In Athens I suggested the Prontagonism of a Humanitarian Hellas. I will Extend geographically. A Humanitarian America; this is what History quests for.

I salute you with my best humane wishes.


Michalis Charalambidis

February 15, 2021

Aιxωnι, Attica